Bass in The Grass Festival

Bass in the Grass Festival, AustraliaBass in the Grass Festival takes place in Darwin, Northern Territory

Bass in the Grass Festival 2012 dates: 26th May

Buy Bass in the Grass festival ticketsBASS IN THE GRASS FESTIVAL  2012 – LINE UP
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The History of Bass in the Grass Festival

The Northern Territory Government presents the Savings and Loans 2011 BASS IN THE GRASS Music Festival.

BASS IN THE GRASS is conducted in a safe and friendly environment at the Darwin Amphitheatre. Innovations that are unique to the festival include logo branded caps instead of a conventional ticket and the provision of free bottled water which is available throughout the day. The 37 square metre giant screen makes the day and the entertainment even ‘bigger’, and we have shade structures, food and confectionery stalls.

The festivals to date have been a wonderful success and have given the youth in particular a great sense of ownership and pride. There is also a high level of awareness and confidence in our ability as Territorians to stage a major activity of this kind.

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