Merimbula Jazz Festival

Merimbula Jazz Festival, New South WalesMerimbula Jazz Festival takes place in Merimbula, New South Wales

Merimbula Jazz Festival 2012 dates – 8th to 11th June

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The History of Merimbula Jazz Festival
It was during an impromptu Sunday afternoon gig in 1980 at Stan Delle Vergin’s home on the Fishpen at Merimbula that the notion of a local Jazz Festival was mooted. Stan had earlier cast some wild oats!
The Gipps Dance Band were in town and were relaxing on the Sunday after playing for a Ball the previous night and Stan had invited the fledgling Down South Jazz Band to attend a casual blow that day back in 1980

Sadly some jazzers and some musos have passed on, while others come to keep the festival tradition going.

Over the more recent years there have been changes in the jazz styles being performed. The traditionalists are there in great numbers, but along with them, is a group of musicians who experiment with the notes. It seems that there is an audience for all styles of jazz and the Committee is there to provide good venues, good audio, drums, base amps and pianos, along with a workable event program.

In a nut- shell, Merimbula is the “Festival for Musicians”.

Great Musos and their jazz music create memorable Merimbula Jazz Festivals

The format and organisation set down by the founding Committee has worked well for 25 years, so, as the old saying still goes ” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

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