Summer Rhythm Festival

Summer Rhythm Festival, Australia Capital TerritorySummer Rhythm Festival takes place at Goolabri Resort, Canberra

Summer Rhythm Festival 2011 dates – 9th to 11th December

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Salmonella Dub(NZ), Hook n Sling, Evil Eddie, The Bird, Hermitude, Van She Tech, Andy Murphy, Jeff Lang, Kingfisha, Dubmarine, Svelt, Goodwill, Tjupurru, Cassian, Ganga Giri, Shazam, Chardy, The Ellis Collective, Jono Fernandez, Los Chavos, S.E.T.H, Keirra Jade, D’Opus & Roshambo, Magnifik, Black Samurai, Beth n Ben, Disect, Team Wing, Steve Sobevski, Fun Machine, Mnmlych, Incongrious, Dubba Rukki, B-tham, Styles & Hyde, Big Score, FourthState, Fire on the Hill, Ashley Feraude, Rodskeez, Peekz, The Rocksteady, Intel, Mishmash, Gabriel Gilmour, Rafe Morris, Architect DJs, Walky, Mooky, Matteo Rubbettino, Wax Rabit, Whomple Stiltskin, Riske, Smashed Hat, La Gioconda, Choc St. Clair, Resonance, Mandel Drop, Kazuki, Genuis, T:mo, Shaep Shifta, The Duelist, Stoj, Gibbanez, Pete Akhurst, 2hyped, Incongrious, Loose Cannon, The Blue Ruins, Rodskeez, Richie Blaze, Southerly Change, Zoopagoo

About Summer Rhythm Festival

2 Days, 3 Stages, more than 45 bands and DJ’s, camping, markets.

Summer Rhythm is a not for profit festival. This year raising mental health awareness and we will be making a donation to beyond blue after the festival.

About the Festival
The Summer Rhythm Festival debuted in December 2009 with an outstanding success. In 2011 the Festival looks to be bigger and better and continues to be a not for profit event, this year promoting Mental Health awareness.

The Festival, featuring 3 stages, is to be held on the grounds of Goolabri Resort, on the ACT border just minutes from Canberra off the Federal Highway.

Supported by the local community and presented by Strange Hours the festival aims to broaden people’s knowledge of mental health through a two day musical event.

The event will be on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th February, with overnight camping space available. This is a not for profit event, Summer Rhythm will make a donation to Beyond blue.

The style of music for Summer Rhythm Festival has a focus on roots, reggae, funk, dub and electronic, or anything else with rhythm! With bands such as The Beautiful Girls, The Red Eyes, Phrase, Space invaders, Illy, King Tide, The Tongue, Canyons, Ganga Giri and many more.

Summer Rhythm will fill a gap in the Canberra music scene and will be a major event on the Canberra music calendar for over 18s.

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