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First off, we sadly advise that POND have had to cancel so they can take advantage of a USA tour opportunity they have been offered.

Organisers are prepared to offer full ticket refunds to anybody is totally bummed out by this and can no longer face Boogie without the WA rascals! Refunds are ONLY available for a 2 week period starting on Friday Feb 3 and ending on Thursday Feb 16. No excuses after that sorry, we reckon that’s pretty fair.

Anyways, the good news is the riches that have not only replaced POND, but take the Boogie 6 line up to a brand new high. The chosen ones are….

THE SUPERHOLICS. A super group of sorts comprising the unquestionable talents of Beau Campbell from Front End Loader, Jamie Cibej from Bluejuice, some chap called Kram and another guy about town called Dan Sultan. They promise an eclectic and vibrant experience for all as they rip through all the classics from the rock, pop, variety and cabaret field. Now, that’s entertainment!

Organisers are always looking for something unique for Boogie and JIM JAMES from My Morning Jacket playing his only solo adventure ever in the land of Oz ought to do the trick. The colourful, crazy talented leader of MMJ will impact upon us all the wonders from the Jacket, Monsters Of Folk, Yim Yames songbooks and whatever else takes his fancy. Spine tingling good time chills await all in the crisp and deserving Tallarook night.

DEAD MEADOW are a hard rockin’ psychedelic band and the undisputed lords of ‘70s inspired psych rock. LA Based, DC born, the band have been spreading their psychic ideals for well over 10 years. Their righteous sounds may still be shaking the region for years to come after their Boogie performance. A real treat is in store when you give into the Dead Meadow sound.

Next up, may we present, Western swinger and good time gal, EILEEN JEWELL and her band. Since her official 2006 recording debut this fine young Artist has surveyed a wide range of traditional musical styles, from the folk and jug band leanings of her early recordings, through an album-length homage to the great Loretta Lynn, held hands with country gospel and sweated it up with ’60s UK garage rock and Chicago blues. We can expect a bit of it all when Eileen takes to the stage this Easter.

The hottest Americana act in the world right now are a band called DAWES. Yes their name sounds like that another band from Los Angeles, California, but their sound is a lot more barnyard than Morrison and Co. Soon to released out here, and destined for loads of love by the Melbourne faithful, this 4 piece will be one of the many musical treasures to take away from Boogie 6.

PINK MOUNTAINTOPS is the alter ego of Black Mountains’ Stephen McBean. His mind and fingers wander magically in this shoe gazing ensemble of sorts to deliver a delicious sonic vibration to warm us all. Laid back and lovely tones for all in the Tallarook area.

Now, just went you thought it all seemed a little international, here comes the latest locals to take the Boogie train.

THE RUBENS sound a bit like the latest Black Keys, and we love the Keys at Boogie, so they are in. The band are soon to head off to the USA with a big name producer that will undoubtedly make them superstars. Check out these fresh young men in action before you can’t get in. They have been getting a crazy good live rep up North, and now its time for Victoria to get in.

Next up are THE GOOCH PALMS. One thing you need to know about this dynamic duo is that they’ll rock your socks off with their special brand of Rock ‘n’ Roll that they like to call “Shit Pop”. They’re rough around the edges, but they can put on a killer show despite the fact that they aren’t the most accomplished musicians in the world and they definitely have more fun on stage than any one you’re likely to meet. 2 piece. Girl/boy. Good times.

SURES are a new combo started by two cats named Matt and Jonas. They record as 2 dudes, but play as a 4 piece…and they play well. Their demo is a hit at JJJ Unearthed and only a matter of time before they hit the big time. They are supporting all the right acts, have a guest spot at Laneway…next step…Boogie.

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