Foreshore Festival 2011

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Australia Capital Territory

Foreshore Festival, Australian Capital TerritoryFORESHORE 2011 HAS SOLD OUT

For the 5th straight year Kicks Entertainment is proud to announce that Foreshore Festival has sold out for 2011!

2011 has seen the Foreshore site expand, and welcome new additions such as The Vinnies Beauty Bar, Side Show Alley, The Tiki Terrace and more – Rain, hail or shine, Foreshore 2011 kicks off at 12pm tomorrow.

The first ever Foreshore in 2007 saw some of the highest rainfall ever recorded on that date. In a true showing of spirit the crowd and artists embraced the downfall in a way that only Canberra could, making the day one of the most infamous shows in Canberra history.

In 2011 we are a bit more prepared with 3 of our 4 stages under cover. Please come prepared to ensure you have the best day possible!  Bring appropriate clothing to suit the weather such as ponchos, gumboots and warm clothes. Please do not bring umbrellas.

For more FORESHORE FESTIVAL information and line up – click here >>>


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